We have acquired programming from David over the past few years and we have always found him to be a creative and thorough professional. He has a strong ability for storytelling and possesses all the production skills necessary to produce high quality projects. I think you will be very happy with the content and quality of the work he delivers and you would be making a good choice.

I work as the Public Relations Director for Carolina Village, a retirement community in Hendersonville, NC. Approximately a year ago I began serving on a committee that was given the task of coming up with a creative way to articulate the 40-year history of Carolina Village. We met with David and each of us shared our vision of what we felt the story of Carolina Village needed to consist of. David quickly took a mixture of jumbled thoughts and made logic of it. The day came when the committee was able to watch the video. Each one of us was speechless. David was able to take our ideas, interview individuals, film activities, and somehow produce a video that not only told the story but did it in such a touching way. Since that day many others have viewed the video. The reviews have been A++. David had such a unique way of getting to the heart of our story. I speak for each of our committee members, “It was a pleasure to work with him”. Since the video was made our Marketing Director can hardly keep up with the tours. Our waiting list continues to grow!

It’s a really well-done documentary (Call of the Ancient Mariner). I’m a strong conservation biologist, but the tone of conservation is so negative that people aren’t hearing it anymore. What David did in his film is he talked about some of the positives, the projects we’ve done that are working to save turtles. There’s always been a strong interest in turtles, almost a religious aspect to it. He brings out this almost mystical, mythical side to turtles. What a great joy it was to see the finished product. David did a fantastic job and this film will be of lasting value people types and the turtle types.

My family hired David to create an oral history film for my 91 year old father. We were pleased with the process and appreciated David’s willingness to work hard to create a wonderful finished product. My father is beyond pleased to have this record of his life in stories and I would recommend David to deliver personal and professional results in a format your family will treasure for years to come.

When we started developing plans to celebrate our 40th anniversary we decided to make a film of our organizations rich history. This is when we met David and became instant friends. I appreciate his guidance and leadership to develop a wonderful product we can be proud of for years to come.