About Us

David Weintraub is an award-winning director and producer of dozens of quality films. His work has appeared on PBS stations across the United States and at film festivals around the world. Weintraub’s specialty is producing oral history and history films for individuals wishing to leave a legacy to their family as well as institutions who want to document their history.

“What got me started as a filmmaker was the power that stories always had in my life. Yet some of the most fascinating stories of all are the ones never told. The ones about regular folks living their lives, dreaming their dreams and trying to do right by their community and their family. My goal is to tell personal stories, cultural stories and environmental stories in a way that will bring people together, that will allow us to share joys and sorrows and make us happier, stronger, and more connected.”

For more information about pricing and to discuss your film project, contact him here or call Weintraub Films at (828) 692-8062.